Bought A Pair of Striped Mugs

No matter how misleading the title can be, it's what it is. I bought a pair of striped mugs (not pantsu).

From FC2 Stratosphere

Somehow made you remember a character? :3

What I meant by "a pair" is this:
From FC2 Stratosphere


National Exam is Coming

National Exam is coming! About 10 days!

National Exam is an exam we had to take in the end of High School year, that decides whether we graduate or not from National Exam.
I won't be online much in these days, in due to the test and the post-exam practices.

I don't know about other country but I heard several Asian countries including Japan have similar test too?

Happy Valentine Day!

I didn't get any chocolates from anyone. ; _ ;
Oh well, I treated myself with chocolate ice cream. It was tasty.

In turns of events, I finally finished a drawing on Facebook's Graffiti wall (of twitDraw equivalent)!
Azusa is so cute.. I'd love her to be a junior in my school. But it's too much to ask, huh. XD


Happy Valentine day! Wished you have days full of love everyday!

Hatsukoi Limited

A good quote from manga Hatsukoi Limited:

Things don’t always go as well as you might like.

There are times when things might not work out at all.

But the first time you feel those precious emotions.

That’s surely something you have to treasure.

And every single one of those feelings.

Leads us a bit onward, toward the future.

PPD Editor 1.3.1 English Capabilities

PPD Editor, English version.

I convinced the creator to make an English version. Being a tsundere he is, he made it the day after he said he'll do it in March.

The new 1.3.1 is now equipped with lang.ini that can be modified. To make it english, move the file from the subfolder to the folder containing PPDeditor.exe

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