It's been a long 4 years since the last post.

In 4 years...
New people came into your life, some people left.
Old circle of friends replaced by a new circle of friends.
You found out the world is a sick place, but you have nowhere to go.

And your collection grew larger

It's been over a year...

It's been over a year since I blogged. What have changed in my life after I bought that K-ON manga in summary:

- Played Cosmic Break on JP server, made skins too.
- Got accepted at ITB
- Got lots of otaku friends there
- Understood the hard way to not procrastinate in university studies
- Bought Azunyan figma (pictures following later)
- Bought Redjuice Making Character book
- Got into Aeronautics/Astronautics Engineering Faculty
- Got myself a Canon SLR EOS 550D
- Pre-ordered Hatsune Miku Append Figma (Which would come at August... I think)
- Remembered that I have a blog. And somehow the counter multiplied by 10 from the last post I left it.

Going to resurrect my blog for a change. Going to remake the blog layout too. It looks cheap. =/

Happy New Year!

28 minutes ago, it was new year in Indonesia!

Wish you all good luck and I'll write about my vacation few days ago tomorr- I mean, this morning.


[Photos]Photography Workshop in Bandung

Eplex Event

On the 15th October, I was told by the counseling teacher to go to Bandung for a workshop regarding photography. I said yes and we went to Bandung with Telkomsel's rented bus at 20th October in the morning.

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Cellphone Fraud


Yesterday, I got 2 cellphone fraud in the same day. It's surprising that I, who rarely give out my number to be such victim.

The first one was a direct call. It runs like this (translated to English for reading convienence):

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