[Computers] Realtek HD Audio Input Problem


Have a new laptop with Realtek soundcards? Have Realtek HD as your driver? You must have encountered problem such as "I can't record anything", or "Wave out option is not available when recording in audacity/[other wav recorder]", or "getwav() function failed in screen recorders". It's not a big problem really. It's more likely hidden from public. It's easy to tweak. (Though took me 2 hours to figure it out. And I shouldn't have downloaded the driver again.. T_T)

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Dispenser Trouble


The water dispenser broken. The cold water tap pours hot water. My father is not at home so I tried to fix it. The problem is that the fan is clogged by the fat that was used to make the fan turns smoother. As time goes and the fat gets hot, it's agglutinated and overheated the fan.

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