K-ON!! Manga Indonesian Version Review! [Elex]

Few weeks ago, I got a news from a friend that Elex (Indonesian Publishing Company) will release K-ON manga in Indonesia. Thus this week I got information that it got published and sold already in Jakarta. Thought I jut give it one or two days until today, I bought this cute little evil doppelganger from Moe Hell (Burning Hell lol)

Front View:
Side by side with the original from Japan.

Back View:
Again, side by side with the original from Japan.

As you can see, it's VERY SMALL. Compared to other manga released in Indonesia, it's smaller (and much more thinner than other.)

Side View:
On top the original from Japan. Look at the Azunyan sticker too =D

But again, there's HUGE difference in the price per book, so cut must be made here and there. The Indonesian version is about 15.000 IDR (About 145¥) compared to the original for 819¥ (About 92.000 IDR).

The translation however, keeps some interesting part behind. Like "doki doki" or "NEET".

Here's the comparison of the inside:
Left is Indonesian, right is Japanese

Too bad they leave out the colored page. It looks so beautiful. =( Other manga, such as The Bodyguard (Kage kara Mamoru) or Zero no Tsukaima retains their 3 colored pages. Why not K-ON? I sense conspiracy! Or perhaps budget cut.

To finish it off, it's good enough for K-ON fans (or perhaps the only way, other than importing the Japanese version. Not recommended though. Importing is serious business.) And for K-ON haters, you can buy a copy and burn it in your room, and I hope it'll burn your room too in the process. What's better than flaming a manga online looking like retards than getting REAL flame in your own room? (Literally speaking)

Bad joke and community splitting comments aside, Indonesian fans should go outside (yes you Hikki, go out!) and buy the manga preferably from Gramedia book store, considering more people got exposure from Animax airing and lots of fan-based groups or sites available online, I know there are fans out there. (And haters. The world is always balanced. Yin Yang, baby.)

Oh I also heard in USA it'll be released in August or September this year. I always wonder what American version of manga looks like.

Last picture for you Mio-lover:
Left is smaller Mio. Right is larger Mio. Both are beautiful, but I love my Azunyan.

けいおん だーい 好き!

No I do not get paid for advertising Elex Media Komputindo releases. All above picture are taken by my camera. The sticker image is taken from an almost-ero picture so I can't give a link.

I Found Hatsune Miku in Indonesia!

Today I found Hatsune Miku in Indonesian computer store. This also deserves the 39th post of my blog. サンキュー、ミクちゃん。

So, I was verifying the entrance exam to a university in Bandung, (about 300KM from my town), and after verified the test card, we (I with Aoi Nagisa) went to an electronic store, and when we were looking into a software store, I joke about "Let's find Miku in these synthesizer softwares":


I screamed in the inside when I SAW it.
By the way, my jacket looks like Miku's sleeves doesn't it? =3

I went straight to the cashier, even though I already have Miku from like, February 2008. But it felt good to actually bought her at very, VERY low cost. If on amazon.jp you have to pay for about 12.000¥ for Miku, I just bought it at about 250¥ (IDR 25000). I know it's illegal and whatnot, but.. I promise I'll spend money to support Miku! Really!

For stalkers, here's my receipt:

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Hatsune Miku 3/9 Live Concert 2010

I just want to say..

Ahem, truthfully, I just watched the full recording (about 2 hours and 15 minutes) of the concert this afternoon, and IT WAS AWESOME! I really wish I can watch in live though, but it's almost impossible. ’・ω・‘
It's too amazing to be described by words alone, I would post video here, but unfortunately I can't supply you with video, wait. I can supply you with video. If you live in Indonesia, I will SEND YOU DVD of the concert recording. Just e-mail me your address and I WILL send you the DVD. (It's not like everyday people can download 900MB from Megaupload.. but if you like to have the link then just put a comment down here.)

I just can't express my feelings with words, I felt crying inside. ; _ ; Miku came to life.