Cellphone Fraud


Yesterday, I got 2 cellphone fraud in the same day. It's surprising that I, who rarely give out my number to be such victim.

The first one was a direct call. It runs like this (translated to English for reading convienence):

- Start of Call -
??? : "Good afternoon, sir."
Me : "Ah, good afternoon."
??? : "I am Edi Gunawan from the main Telkomsel (A major cellphone provider) office and we want to congratulate you that you are the 33th annual magazine winner-"
Me : "Hold on a bit" (Laughs silently and pressed the record button) "Can you repeat that, sir?"
Edi : "Yes, I am Edi Gunawan from the main Telkomsel office and we want to congratulate you that you are the 33th annual magazine winner, you win a (translated literally-->) 4-wheeled vehicle, a car. (Brand was Toyota, Avanza) and credit worth of a million.
Me : "Really?" or "Hmmm" and "Oh"
Edi : "If I can ask, who am I talking to, sir?"
Me : "Ah, sorry. But I am not a sir."
Edi : "....... Okay, who am I talking to, young man?"
Me : "I thought you can look it up to your database?"
Edi : "Oh no, no no. We try to avoid fraud by directly calling the winner...."
Me : "..........................."
Edi : "..........................."
Me : "Uhh... Hello?"
Edi : "Thank you for the call, we hope you'll use our services in the future"
Me : "Ah-"
- End of Call -

After hanging up, I laughed hard, and tested the recording. His number was +6281272XXXXXX. I don't care if his number is here, but just in case he'd look up his own number in google, I won't. But seriously? Calling the number is more reliable than looking up the database? "To avoid fraud"? WHAT.

The recording is in process of video editing, so that it'll interesting to watch, or perhaps loathe. (laugh maybe? Haha)

The second one is just a boring text message:

- Start of Message -
"We're from T-SEL
Informs you that,
Your number won 35 million cash
from TELKOMSEL surprise
for further information call:

- End of Message -

Only 35 million? Come on. (Laughs) I got a "4-wheeled vehicle" in the call before. OTL

I wonder if there are other people getting these fraud calls and messages? I heard back then in Japan these cases are frequent and many falls for it? It's the same as in Indonesia, I guess...


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