[Photos]Photography Workshop in Bandung

Eplex Event

On the 15th October, I was told by the counseling teacher to go to Bandung for a workshop regarding photography. I said yes and we went to Bandung with Telkomsel's rented bus at 20th October in the morning.
In the road mostly I spent on sleeping and recommending Hatsune Miku to a friend by making him to listen supercell album. > w <
After arriving, all of us go straight to the workshop room, where two of us got lectures on Photography while Halim got a lecture on movie making.
What workshop? Well, apparently this event was held by Telkomsel for opening connection with Eplex in Paris van Java, which serves like a talent search facility. For promoting the event, Telkomsel invited students from West Java region such as myself and my friends to Bandung.
The workshop was interesting. I learned a lot from it, though I've known several things before, but it's good to know more. The lunch was tasty too.
The journey back home was rather tiring, I spent almost the whole journey back asleep.
About 45 minutes before arriving, my mother sent me an sms asking when to pick me up, but somehow the simple task of telling time becomes elongated into 6 messages.
Here's a photo in the parking lot in Paris van Java:

The Awesome Trio

And things I received in the journey:

Received Things
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