PPD : Project 「Project DXXX」

Hi. It’s only 2 months away from my university test but heck I’ll still on search for my personal reality.

I just want to let you people without PSP know that you can also play Project Diva on your PC! (or Mac on bootcamp). KHCmaster, has spent time on building a game with similar concept of Project Diva you lucky people already play on PSP. It’s called PPD (short for Project “Project DXXX”)For you who haven’t played it, it’s a good relief. He remade the game entirely loosely based on .Net Framework and make use of directshow. Putting the technical issues I don’t comprehend entirely aside, it’s a good game. I don’t know how similar it is to the original PSP version (I’m not the lucky ones) but I’m enjoying it.

Main menu with sample song (Black Rock Shooter)

Before you flame me for saying how not similar it is, I’m not talking about changing Miku’s costume or making your own room and such. It’s rather mimicking the gameplay itself. It’s a good experience really. The game doesn’t use CG videos as the background, but that can be arranged. How? The game basically plays over the video of a certain song. A certain song that has been configured for PPD. I'll explain..
V Click V

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Unlimited Loli Works

I am the sweater of my loli.
Flat chest is my body and sweets in my blood.
I have not grown any centimeter
Unknown to old.
Nor known to young.
Have no pain to create many costumes to wear.
Yet this loli will never wear anything.

"It's all a big joke."
- The Comedian

Laptop: Heartsnative Theme

This could sell million. lol. Printed and pasted with sellotape.


Just bored from doing 650 mathematics questions.

Cheap Manga (Aria)


Aria, 1 - 9 and Aqua, 1 - 2

Last month, I went to Bandung, to this book store, and they have sale on old books (manga, magazine, tabloids) and I saw this packet that has 11 manga of Aqua/Aria in it, and guess what? It's 2000 Rupiah per books! (About 20円/book)

To complete Aria, though. I still have about 3 books to buy. Haha-


Corrupted Mind of a Vocaloid Fan


What do you see? For me, a VOCALOID fan, I see the embodiement of OSTER PROJECT's Cinnamon Roll instead of a Sanrio character.

I see this cute doll in Bandung, only 40.000 Rupiah, or about 400円. But it's embarrassing to take it. Hahahaha.

That's all for today. I guess. Next is cheap manga.