I Found Hatsune Miku in Indonesia!

Today I found Hatsune Miku in Indonesian computer store. This also deserves the 39th post of my blog. サンキュー、ミクちゃん。

So, I was verifying the entrance exam to a university in Bandung, (about 300KM from my town), and after verified the test card, we (I with Aoi Nagisa) went to an electronic store, and when we were looking into a software store, I joke about "Let's find Miku in these synthesizer softwares":


I screamed in the inside when I SAW it.
By the way, my jacket looks like Miku's sleeves doesn't it? =3

I went straight to the cashier, even though I already have Miku from like, February 2008. But it felt good to actually bought her at very, VERY low cost. If on amazon.jp you have to pay for about 12.000¥ for Miku, I just bought it at about 250¥ (IDR 25000). I know it's illegal and whatnot, but.. I promise I'll spend money to support Miku! Really!

For stalkers, here's my receipt:

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Hatsune Miku 3/9 Live Concert 2010

I just want to say..

Ahem, truthfully, I just watched the full recording (about 2 hours and 15 minutes) of the concert this afternoon, and IT WAS AWESOME! I really wish I can watch in live though, but it's almost impossible. ’・ω・‘
It's too amazing to be described by words alone, I would post video here, but unfortunately I can't supply you with video, wait. I can supply you with video. If you live in Indonesia, I will SEND YOU DVD of the concert recording. Just e-mail me your address and I WILL send you the DVD. (It's not like everyday people can download 900MB from Megaupload.. but if you like to have the link then just put a comment down here.)

I just can't express my feelings with words, I felt crying inside. ; _ ; Miku came to life.

National Exam is Coming

National Exam is coming! About 10 days!

National Exam is an exam we had to take in the end of High School year, that decides whether we graduate or not from National Exam.
I won't be online much in these days, in due to the test and the post-exam practices.

I don't know about other country but I heard several Asian countries including Japan have similar test too?

Real Pictures of JAXA's "Send Miku to Venus" Plates

If you remember the last post where you can send Miku to space campaign, chodenzi「超電磁」 has released pictures of plates which will be placed on a Venus probe by JAXA:

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From 初音みくみく
Just to think that something that you can relate to is flying in space, it feels nice isn't it? Though I'm worried about the plate's size. Can the aliens read the comments? ’・ω・‘